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Numbers Train Song Cartoon Rhymes for Pre School Babies | Cartoon Rhymes

Numbers Train Song Cartoon Rhymes for Pre School Babies

Numbers Trains Songs Cartoon Rhymes 1234, Counting Numbers 1234 Pre School Babies. The Numbers Song, Learn To Count from 1 to 10 - Number Rhymes For Children. Make your kids learn Numbers with the beats! Great Train theme will help your child remember numbers even faster. This channel also has many Superheroes Rhymes like Spider man, Superman, Batman, Iron man and many more.


Lyrics :
One Little, Two Little, Three Little Numbers,
Four Little, Five Little, Six Little Numbers,
Seven Little, Eight Little, Nine Little Numbers,
Ten Little Numbers.

Ten Little, Nine Little, Eight Little Numbers,
Seven Little, Six Little , Five Little Numbers,
Four Little, Three Little, Two Little Numbers,
One Little Numbers.

One, Two, Three, Three Little Numbers,
Four, Five, Six , Six Little Numbers,
Seven, Eight, Nine,Ten Little Numbers.

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