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Akbar Birbal Animated English Cartoon Moral Stories For Kids || Honesty | Cartoon Rhymes

Akbar Birbal Animated English Cartoon Moral Stories For Kids || Honesty

Akbar Birbal Stories | Animated English Moral Stories | Kids Cartoon | Honesty

Honesty, animated cartoon moral story for kids from Akbar Birbal stories with subtitles. It is not only a delight to children but they also inculcate moral values and virtues into them. Akbar and Birbal are two Indian folk tale Characters that are most loved by kids. Akbar was very fond of Birbal. Birbal was one of the Courtiers of Akbar's Kingdom, who always impressed Akbar and others through his witty and humorous responses. Watch and enjoy the interesting 3D animation kids!!

Story - Akbar is discussing about the wareabouts of his kingdom with Birbal. Akbar also said that all the people in the kingdom are selfless and honest. Birbal disagrees to Akbar's statement. Birbal then plan to experiment on people's honesty. The rest of the story is about how Akbar and Birbal realize the true nature of people.

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