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Bala Hanuman Animated Story In English for Kids | Cartoon Rhymes

Bala Hanuman Animated Story In English for Kids

Bala Hanuman | Story In English | Animation | Mahabharat for Kids | Bachpan Tube

Here is Bala Hanuman and his Story In English, Mahabharat Animation for Kids and Cartoon Stories For Kids only on Bachpan Tube channel.

Rakshas disturbed rishis and munis by destroying their yagnas. Irritated, rishis complained it to the Lord shiva and Vishnu. Lord Shiva promises to help them. Anjana is the wife of the Kesar, the powerful warrior. Anjana Devi started offering prayers to lord shiva. Being impressed by all her prayer, Lord Shiva gave her a boon. On the other hand, the wind God helped her get the sacred sweet which helped her give birth to a divine entity. Lord Hanuman is born. Hanuman is the avatar of the Lord Shiva.

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