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Role Of Karna Telugu Cartoon Story For Kids || Part3 | Cartoon Rhymes

Role Of Karna Telugu Cartoon Story For Kids || Part3

Role Of Karna | Mahabharata | Telugu Story | Cartoon For Kids | Part3 | Bommarillu

Watch the Role Of Karna in Mahabharata with Telugu Cartoon Story For Kids Part1 HD in Bommarillu Channel. Watch the episode/Part3 Karna Kauravasabha, the epic Mahabharata tells the story of two sets of paternal first cousins -- the five sons of the deceased king Pandu (the five Pandavas) and the one hundred sons of blind King Dhritarashtra (the 100 hundred kauravas) -- who became bitter rivals, and opposed each other in war for possession of the ancestral Bharata kingdom. 

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Krishna goes to Kourava kingdom requesting to provide 5 cities for Pandavas. While the father of Kouravas almost accepted the request, Karna oppose him. Watching Karna, Duryodana also rejects Krishna’s idea. Watch to know what happens in the end, will Krishna get what he wanted or will Karna and Duryodana change his father’s thought.

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