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  2. 3D Animation: Exactly What Your Product Requires2017 saw the worth of the global animation market rise to $254 billion. It has, however, become evident that the rise was but the beginning. This is generally because of the fact that animation has made its presence felt in the field of marketing.9 Tricks About 3D Animation You Wish You Knew Before3D animation is traditionally a reserve of the entertainment industry. This is simply because animation is exceptional at fascinating an audience. The ability to captivate and inspire is in fact the reason why animation is very popular among marketers nowadays.That raises the question, "Is 3D product animation worth all the hype?Well, Most Surely YES!Consider giant brands such as Gillette and the popular Apple. Look at the Gillette ads and you will realize that a simple animation developed a lowly shave into an adventure. This has made the brand popular among consumers. Gillette sets itself apart from its rivals by taking this new method to marketing. The quality of the animation is deemed reflective of the brand's quality. This is exactly what 3D product animation intends to achieve- to assist you tower over the competition.When 3d animation is utilized as a marketing tool, three major benefits are realized:1.Prototyping Made Simple: Prototypes are costly. These pricey prototypes yield the required feedback but, what if you could get the feedback at a lower price? Well, now you can. 3D product animation models your product in a virtual world and exposes it to the market. That is to say, you get the required feedback from the market without suffering the cost of a prototype.2.First Impressions Matter Most: Products are rarely entertaining to look at. Think about the Gillette brand without the 3D animation. Would it not place you to sleep in the first five seconds?3D product animation takes an ordinary looking item and transforms it into an adventure of epic proportions. Every product is amazing in a virtual world- especially after a few special effects. When done properly, animation will endear your brand to the relevant niche.The iPhone X utilized this technique perfectly. Apple invested seriously on 3D product animation to have the phone noticed. The major brands of the world- think Huawei, Microsoft, and Samsung- all make use of 3D product animations. This is why it is so hard to defeat these firms.3.Money Matters: 3D product animation is not an expense, it is a save. The animation can be utilized long before the marketing phase to identify problems in the product design. Designers get a feel of the product before it's physically prototyped- and make all the appropriate changes.On top of that, animation is a really cost-effective marketing system. With the growing popularity of Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D printing, it helps to show that you're acquainted with the latest trends.Your product can gain a lot from 3D technologies. You can give it glamor, appeal, and mystique. The animation process also makes the brand feel modern and worthy of a place in the contemporary market. You will be surprised to know just how many excellent products fail to sell due to how they introduced themselves to the market.Don't be a part of the failures. Abandon generic advertising techniques. Turn your advertisement into a 3D tale showcasing your product as the elegant and irresistible hero. We all know how popular those story lines are, don't we?

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